Nomad CEOs

Adventurous Women who
Run Successful Businesses
and Travel the World

Fashionable Travelling Woman

For women who:

Own or run successful businesses

And are seasoned experts

Travel Full-Time

While they work

Work in exotic locations

Around the world

Had a life-changing experience

During their travels


Limited Spots

Only 1 expert contributor is allowed per occupation or industry.

Digital Nomad Services

  • Mobile APPs

  • Websites

  • Blogs

  • Dating platforms 

  • Co-working spaces

  • Retreats 

  • Meet-Ups

  • House or Pet Sitting Services 

Travel Industry

  • Relocation consultants

  • International realtors 

  • Translators / Interpreters

  • Travel Bloggers

  • Influencers

  • Trip Organizers 

  • Photographers


  • Professional life coaches

  • Personal life coaches

  • Motivational speakers

  • Training

  • eLearning 

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Marketing


Share Your Story

Multi-Author books make your dream of becoming a best-selling author into a reality at a fraction of the cost and time commitment of self-publishing a solo book. Each contributor writes one chapter.



You will learn how to craft your message so that it speaks DIRECTLY to your ideal client. Your chapter will invite them to take the next step with you.


You will learn how to sell your own programs, offers, or services off the back of the book launch.

Public Speaking

I will teach you how to speak confidently about what you do, why you do it, and how you help people.


You will learn how to use your book to be featured as a speaker on podcasts, at seminars, and industry-wide virtual events.


Meet like-minded peers within your niche, who will inspire and motivate you throughout this process.


Your best-selling author status will make clients see you as a top choice within your field.



  • Guidance and support on writing your 3,000 word chapter

  • Assistance crafting your professional biography 

  • Private Facebook networking group

  • Weekly group calls with the other contributors 

  • Speaking opportunities 

  • Professional editors

  • Support during revisions   

  • Professional formatting services (both the digital and paperback version)

  • Cover design 

  • Publishing on Amazon

  • Marketing strategy

  • Networking events specific to your niche

  • Amazon Live Author Interview (60 minutes) 

  • Set-Up on Kindle Vella 



Choose from three packages.

1 Payment of $1,000 
3 Payments of $400


This package includes all of the features listed above.

1 Payment of $1,500 
3 Payments of $600


Basic features plus (2) one-hour private sessions to help you write your chapter and biography, and an individual, custom PDF eBook featuring only your chapter.

1 Payment of $3,000 
3 Payments of $1,200


Premium package plus a professional ghostwriter to put your story into words.


Sara Tyler

I’m Sara Tyler, the Founder of Tyler Publishing and #1 International Best-Selling Author.

I have lived abroad for 10 years and have been a digital nomad for 6.

My job is to help you scale your already successful business to the next level. I do that by sharing your unique and empowering story with the world.


Roxana Bangura, The Bangura Institute

I joined the book because I see this as a resource, like the yellow pages, that will be used by both current and future female business owners looking to network.